Wheelskins Size Chart

  • Find your year & model and enter the size into your on-line dealer's shopping cart.
  • If your model is not listed please measure your steering wheel to find the appropriate size.
  • If your steering wheel is unique and does not match any of our sizes, simple submit your unique measurements to your on-line dealer and we'll custom make a Wheelskin for you.


Beginning Year Ending Year Model SIZE
1989 1990 88; 98 A
1991 1994 88; 98 AX
1995 1999 88; 98 AXX
1992 1994 Achieva AX
1995 1998 Achieva AXX
1999 2004 Alero C
1995 2000 Aurora AXX
2001 2003 Aurora C
1991 2001 Bravada AX
2002 2004 Bravada AXX
1995 1996 Ciera AXX
1989 1994 Ciera AX
1982 1988 Ciera A
1980 1988 Cutlass A
1989 1994 Cutlass AX
1995 1999 Cutlass AXX
1995 1997 Cutlass Supreme AXX
1985 1994 Cutlass Supreme AX
1998 2002 Intrigue AXX
1997 1999 LSS AXX
1991 2001 Silhouette AX
2002 2004 Silhouette C

Sizes marked "SPECIAL" require a custom measurement below:

Wheel Measurement - Just 2 measurements will tell you what size you need

Covering Factory Leather:

Many of these models come equipped with Factory-installed leather covered steering wheels. The Wheelskins size might vary depending upon whether or not the old leather covering is removed. If the Wheelskin is to be installed over the original factory cover, you might need a larger or special order size. Please measure.

Special Order Sizes:

Covers can be made by special order for any steering wheel that is not accommodated by the standard sizes. Please use the measuring instructions above to determine the size of your wheel and submit them when placing your order.

Wheelskins "Trucker" Series Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers

"Trucker" Series covers are available for heavy duty trucks in 18", 20" and 22" sizes.